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    3928 Farmers Way
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    Richard Nairne


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    The club is not far, but you definitely need a car to get there. It’s almost exactly at the junction of Leitrim Road and Highway 417. However, because there are no on- or off-ramps where Leitrim Road crosses Highway 417, you have to use the Anderson Road exit.

    Here are the directions to get there:

    1. Take Highway 417 toward Montreal as far as the Anderson Road exit (Exit 104).
      (Useful tip: The Anderson Road exit is 9 km from “the split,” where the Queensway divides into Highway 174 to Orleans and Highway 417 to Montreal, or about 10 km from the St.Laurent Shopping Centre. Driving time from that point is less than 10 minutes.)
    2. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right to take Anderson Road South (Highway 27).
    3. About 800m down the road, at the first STOP sign, turn left onto Leitrim Road (Highway 14).
      It’s also the very first left off Anderson Road. If you look carefully, you’ll see a sign saying “Clubhouse.”
    4. About 1 km down the road, turn right into Farmers Way.
    5. The club is on your right, after about 100m.

    Click here for a map and directions from the St. Laurent/Queensway interchange to the club.