The Shooting Group—a fun-loving group that meets every Monday evening (with the exception of holidays) from just after Labour Day in September until about the end of May. They have their own “Shooting Range” on the third floor where they use very sophisticated air rifles. Some own their own rifles but most use one of the Club rifles.

Summer 2019 Schedule:
Monday June 24: Regular Shooting Night
Saturday July 13: Shooters Picnic — Martin & Ida’s House — Arrive 2:00 p.m.
Monday July 15: Regular Shooting Night
Monday August 12: Regular Shooting Night
Monday September 9: Regular Monday Night Season Begins
Saturday September 14:  Jägerball

They hold two dances in the Clubhouse each year, the Schützenfest (Shooters Festival) in the spring and the Jägerball (Hunters’ Ball) in the fall. There is normally a summer picnic, usually in August, that no shooter wants to miss. The Group is also involved in a friendly competition with the Shooting Group of the Lorelei Club in Oshawa. This takes place every year and they alternate between having it in Oshawa and at their own Clubhouse.

New members, male and female, are always welcome. Afraid that the gun may be too heavy? No problem; you can use a “rest” for either standing or sitting. Like to give it a try? Just come to the Clubhouse any Monday evening and they will be pleased to let you have a “Go.” You will probably enjoy it; it is lots of fun.

For more information please contact the Schützenmeister (Shooting Master), Martin Pandel, at 613-862-5655 or Or, you could leave your name and telephone number at the clubhouse at 613-822-0737 and the Manager will see that it is passed on.