The Maple Leaf – Almrausch Club is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization.  The Club was founded in 1964 when the Maple Leaf Soccer Club and the Almrausch Bavarian Folk Dance Group decided to amalgamate.  The result was the Maple Leaf – Almrausch Club Inc. Through the efforts of this young group, they managed to obtain the land and to build a chalet-type clubhouse. The original clubhouse, which was built as a centennial project. Was completed in 1967.  In 1978/79, it was enlarged with the help of a Wintario grant. On January 13, 1980 fire destroyed the chalet portion of the clubhouse, it as later rebuilt as the front entrance and some other major remodelling was undertaken.  The result is as it stands today, the only German clubhouse in the Ottawa area.

The soccer and Schuhplattler groups may have founded the Club but other groups have certainly not only enriched the depth of culture within our Club they have also been instrumental in its continued success. These groups include the Schützenverein (Shooting Club) and the Card Players (specifically Skat and Schafkopf). Though the exact year these groups officially formed within the Club isn’t known we do know, after speaking to some of the original members, that it was around 1969.

Oktoberfest, Jägerball (Hunter’s Ball), Bayernabend, Schnitzel Night, Frühschoppen and Maifest are just a few of the events that are held at the Club.  All these events are managed by volunteers, volunteers that come from all the subgroups in the Club.

Many years ago, the directors of the Club decided to make its official language English.  This means, happily, that it is not necessary to speak German in order to enjoy its many offerings.  You need only to enjoy our music, food and the traditional types of Feste (festivals) that occur at various times throughout the year.



In 2010 the heating and air conditioning in the Schenke was replaced. Underfloor heating was installed and the room was completely repainted and is now more comfortable for the use of members, guests and the general public. This work was made possible by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Work was also started on the foundation to clean the weeping tiles and new membranes were installed to prevent water from entering the basement. This major construction project will be completed in the spring of 2011. Currently, the Europahalle is being refurbished. New ceiling tiles have been installed and the room is being painted. This brings a long overdue face lift to our main hall.

Our Board

L-R: Stephen Volkmer, Heidi Rausch, Barry Exner, Brenda Nairne, Patricia Kaefer, Richard Nairne, Martin Pandel, Renata Klose, Dean Terriah and Scarlett Russell

Michael Grebler

Walter Henn

Henry Keitle

Alfred Gruber

Claudette Bachhuber

Werner Bachhuber

Franz Jerabec

Walter Henn

Mary Krekler

Elizabeth Sailer

Rainer Triebe

Werner Bachhuber

Stephen Volkmer

Patricia Kaefer

Richard Nairne

Our Groups

The club has a variety of groups, each of which is described on its own page on this web site:

Besides the activities of these groups, the club also holds a variety of traditional functions throughout the year.

We celebrate spring with the Maifest (May Day Festival) and autumn with Oktoberfest. Our traditional Oktoberfest is held at the Clubhouse, usually over more than one weekend. Since these events are always well attended, it is a good idea to make reservations early.

The Club also holds other dance parties throughout the year, many with a special theme. The Schuhplattler stage a Bayernfest (Bavarian Festival) every spring, and the Schützen (Shooters) present the Schützenfest (Shooters Festival) in the spring and the Jägerball (Hunters’ Ball) in the fall.

We must not forget the Christmas parties: one for the children, and one for the adults. Finally, there is the big blow-out of the year, the New Year’s Eve Gala.

The Annual Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) is a major event for the Club that takes place every year on the third weekend in November, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This market has become a favourite in the area, not only for those who come to shop, but also for the vendors who come from all over Ontario and Quebec and sell a wide variety of items. You will find a special treasure for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. There are refreshments available in the Schenke, where you will find something for every appetite from snacks to hearty meals as well as wonderful cakes, coffee and Glühwein (hot mulled, or spiced, red wine).

The Schnitzel Dinner, offered to members and non-members on the third Friday of every month from January to April, has proven to be very popular. The evening provides an enjoyable meal at a very affordable price, in a relaxed atmosphere with only background music. The popularity of these dinners means that reservations are required and can be made by calling the Club.

All of these parties and events are announced and described on our events page.

If you would like to become a member of our club, you need only complete an application form. The membership fee structure is on the membership form and you are free to choose the one that best suits you. If you are interested in one of our groups, contact information is on the relevant page. For information on any of the functions being held in the Clubhouse, or if you are interested in renting our facilities for a private gathering, please contact the Club at or (613) 822-0737

Important Events in the History of the Club

1955    The group is founded by Paul Volkmer, Victor and Inge Volkmer, Albin Lauton and Willy Reichert. They are named D’Gamskofler.
1957    The group changes its name to G.T.E.V. Almrausch.
1959    First little club house build on land owned by Albin Lauton.
1963    The Maple Leaf Soccer Club and the Almrausch Dancers unite to form the Maple Leaf—Almrausch Club. From that day on, the dancers are known as the G.T.E.V. Maple Leaf—Almrausch.
1967    The Chalet Clubhouse is build.
1977    The dance group, sponsored by “The Boys from the Austrian Alps” of Kingston, Ontario, becomes a member of Gauverband Nordamerika (Regional Association [of folk dancers], North America).
1980    On January 13th, the chalet is destroyed by fire. In November, the new club house is reopened, having been rebuilt by its members.
1990    The dance group hosts a Fahnenweihe (Flag Consecration Ceremony) and unveils its new flag.
2001    The dance group wins 3rd prize at the Gaufest in New York. A Gaufest (Regional Folk Dance Festival), held once every two years, is a competition of folk dance groups from all over North America.
2005    The dance group celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2013 The Club puts on its first Schnitzel Night.  Ever since that day Schnitzel Nights have become an event that everyone looks forward to.  Happening the third Friday of January, February, March, April, June and September (adjusted for holidays) the Club is known for the best Schnitzel in town!
2018 Wanting to offer our guests a full evening of not only a great meal but entertainment as well we added some live music during the Schnitzel Nights.  The live music is provided by The Accordion Friends, a wonderful and talented group of musicians that faithfully come out with between two and four musicians.  We always leave a dance floor area open for those that want to dance!